As one of the world’s most advanced and innovative Apex Legends rank boosting teams, we here at BOOSTAPEX have made it our mission to offer the best Apex boosting service globally. Over the years, we’ve worked to become one of the best Apex Legends boosting teams!

Our Values

We’ve worked tirelessly over the years to become the go-to team for Apex Legends boosting services. Our services are designed to meet the following values:


For us here at BOOSTAPEX, nothing is as important as our customers’ maximum privacy and security. That’s why we encrypt data and only ever keep the smallest amount of information possible; what’s more, as soon as your order’s complete, we’ll delete any data so you can be fully confident that your privacy has been kept a priority at all times.


Why pay for anything but the best? Our Apex boosters are all carefully vetted before hiring, and we only ever hire players who are Apex Predators themselves. This is how we can ensure your account gets the very best services, every time!


If you have a question about our Apex Legends boosting services, you shouldn’t have to wait ages for a reply! That’s why we have people ready to help 24/7 for all of your concerns and request – because here at BOOSTAPEX, we pride ourselves on listening to our customers and being here for you!

Our Service

We pride ourselves on offering an innovative solution for our customers, helping gamers avoid the hassle and stress of grinding for XP and letting them climb the ranked ladder. After all – leveling can’t happen without first taking action, and our world-class boosting support can help you achieve this for your Apex account!


If you’ve been looking for an easy and efficient way to level up your Apex Legends account, then our boosting services are exactly what you need. No matter why you need help – be it a bad day or slightly too much to drink for your last session – we can help you recover your rank without having to worry about grinding for it yourself!


If you want to boost your gameplay, then duo boosting could be the ideal solution for your Apex Legends account! Let one of our expert players join your squad and reap the rewards!


If you’d like to improve your own gameplay, then our coaching and training can help you boost your skills. Our professional Apex Legends coaches are all Apex Predators who specialize in playing solo; as such, we can help you boost your own Apex skills!


When it comes to Apex Legends boosting services, we here at BOOSTAPEX have been the number one boosters since day one! Join the thousands of players who’ve trusted us for their boosting support today; our reputation for offering top-class services is flawless, because if there’s one thing we pride ourselves on, it’s offering the best services possible for every customer. No one is ever left behind!

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Our Team

24/7 Support
We’re here to help if you have any questions!
100+ Players
On hand to help you boost your own Apex rank!
43 Countries
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1 Mission
To ensure everyone can achieve their Apex Legends ranking goals!

It’s lonely to play alone

Let’s start a journey together

Playing on your own can be lonely – we get it. Journey with our team of professional Apex players for solo and duo games and experience what it really means to be part of a winning Apex team!