If you think that your Apex booster has done a great job, then feel free to leave them a tip. Giving your booster a tip is not necessary, and their services will be fully paid for with the order fees, but a tip is a nice gesture if your booster has done great work. We pay all fees and your booster will receive 100% of your tip. To give a tip, head to your order page and look for the current skill ranking section; there should be a tipping option available here. Or, if not, get in touch with customer support.During the ordering process, you can visit apex.tracker.gg and input the relevant account details to see what’s going on. Unfortunately, we can’t offer direct spectating at the minute.If you need to get in touch with your booster for any reason, you can use the order page from your account. If your booster hasn’t replied and you need rapid support, get in touch with us by email or live chat.Your security is our number one priority here at ApexBoost, which is why we only provide information directly to your booster and delete all data once your order has been completed. Furthermore, it’s impossible to change your Apex login details without direct email access, ensuring you can be confident in your account security when you choose our team!If you’d prefer to have a different booster, let us know by live chat or email and we’ll do our best to get your booster changed.For standard orders, we aim to begin within 6 hours of the payment finalization, but this can sometimes take up to 12 hours if we’re busy. If your order hasn’t been started after 12 hours, let us know by email or live chat and we’ll get things started.If you’ve not yet had an email for your order, please make sure you’ve checked your inbox as well as the spam folder. If you still can’t find an email, let us know through live chat or by email and we’ll try to help!Here at BoostApex, we strive to offer the best possible value for every customer – which is why we offer ridiculously generous discounts on all of our orders. The discount percentage goes up with the number of divisions or wins you want, helping you get the best possible value.If you’re not 100% thrilled with how your order is progressing, contact us by email or live chat so we can help with this!If your order hasn’t started yet, we can offer a full refund. Alternatively, if our team has begun work on your account, you can request a refund for any incomplete services. Unfortunately, we cannot refund any work that’s already been done or fully finalized. To ask for further advice on our refund criterion, get in touch by email or live chat.